I made bread from scratch

You guise. I’m a regular Susie Homemaker. I made bread. And sure, maybe I searched the internet for bread recipes that included the words “easy” and “quick” and “minimal ingredients” but whatever, this is isn’t an ingredients and effort contest. It’s a bread contest. And I’m the winner. On account of how no one elseContinue Reading

Six months and counting

We’ve been in New Hampster for about 6.5 months now. We showed up at the end of winter, moseyed through summer, and are settling into autumn quite nicely. In some ways it seems like we just got here and in other ways like we’ve been here for years. We still have stuff in boxes inContinue Reading

On talking to people that are different

I float around a pretty liberal crowd (shocking, I know), so I’m used to operating in an inclusive space. Unfortunately, that’s not the same for everyone. Fortunately, our society is slowly coming around to embracing differences and erring on the side of inclusion. Mostly. There’s still plenty of shitty people in the world. I’ve noticedContinue Reading

Generic trail mix is the worst

Let’s talk about snacking for a hot second. I love snacks. Okay, really I just love eating. Eating is my jam. So most times of the day you can find me close to a meal or a snack. I have a solid rotation of healthy (or healthyish) snacks that I turn to and one suchContinue Reading

Actual Real Life – Episode 4: Texts With Dad

Although we’re buds now, my father and I didn’t always have the best relationship growing up. In fact, I’m pretty sure I said less than two paragraphs worth of words to him from approximately 13 to 17. And yet, in spite of the lack of communication during my teenage years, I managed to turn intoContinue Reading

Fitspo is dumb

Oh fitspo, the cool mashup word that’s been all the rage in online fitness circles. In case you’re not good at being hip, fitspo = fitness inspiration. Well, theoretically it does. And okay, I’m sure some people find these entirely motivating and not the least bit damaging, but I’m not a fan of the messages.Continue Reading

Failventures: frozen Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is kind of a big deal these days. Everyone with an interest in healthy eating is all about Greek yogurt. And — unlike other hip health foods — it’s not totally disgusting (I’m looking at you, coconut water). It’s chock full of protein, incredibly filling, and you could try a new Greek yogurtContinue Reading

Actual Real Life – Episode 3: The Bra Store

This past weekend, David and I decided to adventure to the nearby outlet mall for the first time. With some sunshine and a slight breeze, it was a great opportunity for us to get to know this cute little gem near our newest home. Most of the stores are pretty useless to us but there’sContinue Reading

To my fellow white friends, confused by rioting

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to digest the Baltimore riots, the recent riots before them, and the political and social atmosphere that built them all. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking “I don’t understand” and trying to understand in spite of myself. But that’s just it. I don’t understand. I won’t understand.Continue Reading

Healthy eating hack: eat some baby food

The thing about vegetables is that they’re stupid. They’re basically the worst. Well okay, not all vegetables. Acceptable vegetables: potatoes, peppers, onions cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower (only when it’s pretending to be mashed potatoes) some lettuces. That’s all I got. I’ve never been a huge fan of vegetables. Fruit always gets my vote. Fruit just tastesContinue Reading