On talking to people that are different

I float around a pretty liberal crowd (shocking, I know), so I’m used to operating in an inclusive space. Unfortunately, that’s not the same for everyone. Fortunately, our society is slowly coming around to embracing differences and erring on the side of inclusion.


There’s still plenty of shitty people in the world.

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of discussion on the interwebz about how much all of this inclusion can confuse the people in our society.

I’m not entirely ignorant, I know that approaching someone that looks/sounds/smells different from you can cause some anxiety if you’re used to existing in a lovely, homogenous, little bubble.

So I made this handy dandy little comic to help you out. It doesn’t cover all the bases; it’s more of a Getting Started Guide for you to use going forward.

I got you.

be a decent person

Deciphering the Australian map? Pfft. Easy.

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you might have seen The Most Accurate Map of the United States posted by an Australian with no knowledge of the United States or geography. I decided, as someone with the great honor of being educated in two different states here and as a personally certified genius, that I should take on the reverse task.


In his map, the creator mentions that Australia has states. You guys. AUSTRALIA HAS STATES. I know if it’s news to me -a  certified genius – then it’s probably news to you. He also mentions they have “six mayb seven” states so I decided to just go for and take one of the first blank maps of Australia I could find.

I haven’t bothered looking at the real map of Australia since I made this because I’m 99.9% sure I’m pretty spot on anyway.