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Queueing for dummies

As you might have heard (if you’re connected with me via social media), I had a blast at Baltimore Comic-Con earlier this month. I met a ton of fun, interesting, and funny people. From artists to cosplayers, I was completely soaking up the experience. It was a pretty fantastic weekend except for one horrible, terrible… Continue Reading

I have a plan

You might have noticed that my blog – while I usually attempt to write regularly  – gets a little up and down sometimes. Two posts one week, no posts the next. Two weeks on, one week off. It’s pretty unacceptable if you ask me (but you didn’t) and it’s time for a change. I love my bloggypoo… Continue Reading

It’s time I come clean

  I’ve tried to think of the right way to say this without surprising and/or offending anyone but I think it’s sort of like ripping off a band-aid – I just need to go ahead and say it. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor*. I know they say you never forget your first Doctor and… Continue Reading

In defense of Ben Affleck

In case you live under a rock or off the grid or are anti-indulgent celebrations, you might have missed the Academy Awards this past weekend. If you missed the Academy Awards you might not have heard the speech Ben Affleck gave after Argo won Best Picture (spoilers!) and the crazy insane stuff he said to… Continue Reading

Your business emails suck

I’m not a CEO. I’m not a CFO. Heck, I’m not even a manager. But I can tell you this much, your business emails suck. Seriously. What are you – fifteen? I have a lot of personality and I know that but you wouldn’t know I’m a total oddball from the emails I send to extended colleagues and… Continue Reading