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Friday Sci-Five: 09.12.14

Oh yes! It’s time for the return of that thing you didn’t know was gone! The Friday Sci-Five! Since it’s been a while, let’s get straight down to business. I’ve picked my favorite sci-fi/fantasy/other news of the last week and mooxed it all together for you here.

I’m also having Photoshop problems so I hope you like the busted ass header this week.



Z Nation premieres tonight. I’m kind of over zombie movies and TV shows (they’re so 2010 amirite) but that’s not going to stop me from tuning in for the premiere of Z Nation on Syfy. It seems to have a lot of the same basic story line as The Last Ship (this person is immune to the disease, let’s use this person to save the world!) and the show’s imagery reminds me a lot of the Walking Dead, but I have a sweet spot for Syfy so I have to tune in. With the show premiering at 10PM tonight, Syfy’s homepage is dedicated to the fledgling show. First stop on Syfy train today is Z Nation ville (no? didn’t work?).

On a related note, I know we’re trying to set a mood or whatever, but can one post-apocalyptic TV show or movie – just one – please show people wearing real clothes? It’s like when the apocalypse came, it also wiped out all of the colored fabrics in the world. Here’s the thing, when the zombies come, I’m keeping my purple hoodie. And my pink shoes. And my My Little Pony t-shirt. That’s happening. I’m not going to go out and loot some store for all of their neutral colored clothing so that I fit into the apocolaypse better. I’m going to wear what I already have. Colors and all.

The Walking Dead is getting a companion series.  Speaking of zombies and of the dying trend (HA SEEWHATIDIDTHERE?!) The folks at AMC have given the green light to a Walking Dead companion series. Where will it take place? Nobody knows. Who will be in it? Nobody knows. What’s going to happen? Probably something related to zombies. I assume.

Co-creator and co-writer Robert Kirkman said this companion series will give us a look into the rest of the world during the zombie apocalypse – not just the World According to Rick and Friends. Production on the pilot is scheduled for late 2014 and I want to be more excited about this but I worry that we’re just milking the money machine right now (#goodatmetaphors). As with the above, I’m definitely going to tune in (we had a zombie-themed wedding cake for god’s sake) although I’m hesitant to get excited about more zombie-tainment. Prove me wrong zombie-tainment! Prove me wrong!


Christ Pratt is hosting the SNL season premiere. Here’s the thing about SNL: It’s really just not funny anymore. Here’s the thing about Guardians of the Galaxy: THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING. I can’t. I don’t. The. Ugh. You guys. The movie was action packed and hilarious. I laughed, I cried, I danced along with Baby Groot. There aren’t many movies my husband or I would see again in theaters but we both agreed we would see that one again (and know many people who saw it multiple times). I want to be a Guardian of the Galaxy, I want to be their friend. A huge part of what made this movie fantastic are the acting abilities and comedic timing of the stars of the film. Pratt was funny on Community and hilarious in GOTG. I don’t ever watch SNL anymore but I’ll be setting my DVR for this one. He’ll be hosting the season premiere on September 27th (NBC), so if you’re a weirdo recluse like me and asleep before midnight on the weekends, be sure to set your DVR too. Maybe we’ll get some funnies out of it a la Jimmy & Justin?


Baltimore Comic Con happened. We didn’t go this year because money and time but the roundups from BCC2014 look fantastic. Between the cosplayers, the Harvey Awards, the panels, and the artists in the alley, it looked like one hell of a weekend. We’re looking forward to con season next year (we’ll have to start saving now with the way con prices keep rising) but until then, we’ll just have to live off of the pictures from comic con all over the internet. The team over at Evil Geeks provided not one but two cosplay roundups from BCC2014 so be sure to check them out. I love me some good cosplay. Partially because I love when people get into character and partially because I have zero costuming ability whatsoever and am totally jealous.


Screen Junkies premiere Honest Godzilla Trailer. The latest installment in their Honest Trailer series, this redo trailer of the 2014 summer season movie helps you to understand the movie more than you ever could have imagined. I enjoyed the movie enough. I wasn’t incredibly disappointed when I left because I thought Godzilla (while on screen for limited time) looked good and the ending of the movie was good fun action. But there wasn’t a single decent female role in the entire film (fascinating, considering the movie that takes place on Earth, where women make up approximately 50% of the population) and the rest of the movie was a bit tired/boring. And I say this with sadness in my heart, because I really like Aaron Taylor Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Olsen. They’re no Godzilla (I mean, let’s talk actor longevity here), but I think they’re talented actors. And I don’t think this movie did them – or Godzilla – justice.  I don’t want to spoil the trailer for you, so check it out below. And laugh. Do it. Go on. Do it.

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