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Shaving my head for charity

st-baldricksOne month from today I’m shaving my head. Well, I’m not shaving my head. My friend and hair stylist Jody is shaving my head. But still, the head shaving is happening.


To raise money for St. Baldrick’s foundation.

I’ve watched numerous friends and family members go through cancer, including my own husband, and I’m no stranger to fundraising for the cause. This year, in honor of the fight that many close to me – and many more I’ve never met – have gone and are going through, I’m dedicating my birthday to cancer research.

The money collected from my head shaving fundraiser will go toward research programs working to find cures to childhood cancers. Imagine having cancer. Then imagine that you’re five years old. Childhood cancers are their own beast entirely. They look similar to adult cancers but these diseases are different and they require different care and special research for cures. These children are warriors and they deserve every tiny ounce of hope and support the world can give them.

If you donate $75 or more by midnight (EST) tonight (June 16th), I’ll reach out to you for a thank you of course, but also to offer you a complimentary, personalized 12 week workout program along with nutritional guidelines.*

I’ve already hit my original goal of $1,000 but there’s still one month until my birthday so there’s no point in slowing down. I would love to see the number doubled by July 16th, so please consider donating todayOr tomorrowDonate and help make the future brighter for sick children. Help me to use my birthday to do bigger and better things for the world. Together we can make a difference.


*This is not a meal plan.