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Things I Love: Dove go fresh Cool Essentials Deodorant

Here’s the thing: no one wants to be smelly, myself included. Proof of that can be seen in the ever-increasing deodorant and fragrance aisles. We like to smell good.

Sometime around starting college my hormones and/or glands started to get all wonky. I was suddenly always sweating all the time. Whether I was cold or hot I always had sweaty pits. It was inevitable. My pit stains had pit stains and I avoided certain fabrics so that my pit stains were harder to see. Thanks to the internet I was able to determine that I probably had some sort of sudden onset hyperhydrosis (thanks, internet!) and that it would be a battle I would fight forever. Determined to solve this problem on my own (and not see a doctor about because that would be CRAZY), I went back to the internet for more help.

What deodorant will save me, internet? What deodorant will mask this sweat?

The internet told me to invest in the newly available “clinical strength” deodorants. It’s important to note here that I had absolutely zero idea what qualified these as “clinical strength” and on account of being lazy, I still haven’t looked this up. I just assume it’s extra concentrated deodorant. Like how extra strength acne treatments are just double the salicylic acid (or whatever).

Recently, feeling like the clinical strength deodorant wasn’t holding through my tough workouts, and somewhat concerned that deodorant can cause breast cancer I thought “OMG I shouldn’t use this extra strength stuff, it’s not even working and it’s probably extra cancery!” So I decided to try a more “natural” approach to deodorizing. Enter: Tom’s of Maine.

Deodorant review or Sabrina the MothWoman? We may never know.

I love Maine and I love apricots so I figured their “fresh apricot” scent was the way to go.

It was not.

I spent approximately two weeks waking around smelling like BO and apricots. It was a weird and enticing mix of scents, to be sure. In fact, after a particularly sweaty day I hopped in the apartment complex elevators where a neighbor let me know that I smelled “real good.” I suppose the apricot was probably reaching farther than the sweat scent but I could still smell myself.

All day long.


So back to the internets I went!

This time, I started with some more reliable sources, like this particular piece from the National Cancer Institute that emphasizes that there is no conclusive evidence that links the use of antiperspirants or deodorants and breast cancer. Sure, I could have looked that up first and saved myself the trouble but I like to live on the edge and throw money away.

After solving the whole cancer issues, I tried to find recommended deodorants for fit gals like me and boy did I ever find answers. Tons of solutions led me to clinical strength deodorants again but that obviously was not going to work this time.

prod-apdeo-ultimate-go-fresh-cool-essentials-deo-AAnd then.

Some fitness website (I don’t remember, I’m very busy) recommended Dove go fresh Cool Essentials deodorant and I was skeptical but intrigued. It earned something like four out of five stars and at less than $4 I didn’t have much to lose. Except $4.

You guys.

I can’t even.

I’m basically in love with this deodorant. It’s super inexpensive and super effective. I wasn’t exactly excited about grabbing this off of the shelf because I have an aversion to cucumber melon scents (hello, middle school is calling, it wants its body spray back) and was worried I would be stepping into that scent but that didn’t happen at all. The mix of cucumber and green tea really does smell cool and refreshing (and nothing like middle school) and this deodorant delivers. It keeps a fair amount of sweat at bay and at times when I have no choice but to sweat, it does a great job of masking my sexy lady BO.

Just call me Ol' Cucumber Pits.
Just call me Ol’ Cucumber Pits.

I went on a three mile run this past weekend in 80 degree weather and came back to my house covered in sweat but not reaking of it which was insanely refreshing.

I seem to have found the fit girl holy grail.

It works for me. Will it work for you? Probably? Maybe? We all have different body chemistry so¬†you won’t really now until you try it but it definitely is my new favorite beauty product.

Oh and for what it’s worth, I super don’t have hyperhydrosis.

At some point in the past 10 years my hormones and glands stopped being wonky (as they relate to sweat anyway) but I was so stuck in my clinical strength deodorant ways that I kept thinking I was just as sweaty as before. I kept thinking I needed MOAR ANTIPERSPIRANT but all I needed was a good one.

I’m pretty damn elated that I found a deodrant that works for me and quite frankly you should be too. Finding a quality deodorant isn’t just a win for me, it’s a win for everyone that ever has to stand near me. Especially after a workout, or in a building when the air conditioning is broken.

So basically, you’re welcome America. Smell my cucumbery goodness.