5 Mistakes All New Moms Make

1. Reading too many stupid, fucking, fear-mongering, click-bait internet articles about all the “mistakes” you’re making.
2. Re-read #1 but replace “too many” with “any”.
3. Read that again to make sure you got it.
4. You know what? Might as well read it one more time, just to be sure.
5. As you can imagine, there isn’t a #5. But if there was, it would be: Not drinking enough wine.


Here’s something I learned before I ever became a mom: shitty moms don’t stay up all night worrying about how shitty they are. They’re just shitty. And probably convinced they’re doing nothing wrong, if they bother to consider how well motherhood is going at all.

We’re going to make mistakes. No parent is perfect and we need to learn to go easy on ourselves, love ourselves, and forgive ourselves. Whether you breast feed or formula feed. Whether you co-sleep or baby wear or cry it out or >insert any other hip parenting term here<, or not. It’s going to be okay. You and your baby are going to be okay.

So relax, Mama. Step away from the interwebz. Go get yourself some baby snuggles, then lay that sweet baby down in the bassinet, and grab yourself a tall glass of wine. You deserve it (I know I do!). This shit is hard. Treat yo self!

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  1. Oh, sweet girl. I needed this more than you could ever imagine. Mine aren’t even babies. My two teenagers are being just that – teenagers – and trying to co-parent with another household that loves to escalate conflict for the sake of simply poking the bear makes me second-guess everything today. I love you, value you, and appreciate your thoughts so much.

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