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Friday Sci-Five: 6.20.14

In this week’s Sci-Five I’m giving you not one, but two trailers. This is an obvious sign that I love you so very very much. It’s also a sign that I’m acknowledging it’s Friday. What are you doing anyway? Other than pretending to work? You’ve probably already checked the clock like a dozen times and are trying to figure out if you can sneak out a little early with no one noticing. So go ahead, embrace the Friday.




Falling-Skies-01-cast1Season four of Falling Skies is here. Last week saw the return of Defiance, this week Falling Skies returns, summer is no longer the season just for reruns. The smart channels are revitalizing summer viewing and I know I’m not the only one watching. Summer used to be really cool when it meant I didn’t have to go to school and I could stay out late on weeknights but now that I’m an adult it’s lost a lot of it’s appeal. Shows like Falling Skies help bring back the summer excitement.

And the best part? You don’t have to wait until the premiere airs on TNT on Sunday (6/22)! TNT loves you and wants you to be happy so they’ve made the first episode of season four available for viewing online before Sunday. I would normally jump at the chance to watch it but this is one of the few shows I watch with David so my popcorn will have to wait until the air date. Check your local listings for show times.


her-universe-marvel-promoHer Universe announced a collaboration with Marvel Universe and Disney Consumer Goods.  If you identify as both a geek and female or know someone who does, there’s a fair chance that you’ve heard of Her Universe. The geek-girl-centered clothing and accessories company founded by Ashley Eckstein is a staple on my Pinterest Wish List and is constantly rolling out new designs to delight every fandom.

This new collaboration, announced just yesterday by Marvel and Her Universe, will feature pieces spotlighting the expected characters such as Thor and Iron Man but will also allow room for some of Marvel’s best female characters as well including Rogue and She-Hulk. I’ve already got my eye on (translation: pinned to Pinterest) the Rogue Tank and Captain America Sweater and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this collaboration in the future.


SciFiMuseum1The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum project is fully funded. Earlier this week the Kickstarter for this museum closed around 11k over the goal. If you haven’t heard anything about this museum through the Kickstarter, you need to only hop over to their website to get as much excitement as possible out of this project.

“The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum will be a nonprofit, educational museum created to educate, inspire, enrich and entertain all ages through interactive, completely immersive displays.”

Teaching real science, using interactive displays, and touching on some of my favorite fandoms? This sounds like one of the greatest museums in the history of museums. The only thing that makes me able to keep some modicum of cool when talking about this is the fact that I will probably never, ever go to it. I like it in theory but Hollywood isn’t on my top 10 list of places to visit and it took me almost 30 years just to get to one place on the list so… it could take a while to find myself in Hollywood.

Unless of course I get a starring role on Defiance like I do in my dreams…


HBO releases a new trailer for the upcoming original series, The Leftovers. Based on the premise that two percent of the population suddenly disappeared three years ago, this HBO show has a premise original enough to intrigue me and trailers good enough to pull me in for a test drive.

Three years ago, two percent of the population suddenly disappeared. The show will follow the lives of those left after the original panicking has subsided, when everyone is back to living their everyday lives while still trying to cope with what happened. The trailer below is the latest to be released from the HBO show page that’s full of other show teasers and sneak peeks to keep you thoroughly excited until the premiere date later this month.


The final full trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is here. You guys. I’m so excited I could just pee. This movie comes out five days before my birthday because Hollywood wanted to get me something special this year. The final full trailer was just released yesterday.

It’s been three years since Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the hype around this movie is growing the closer we get to the July 11th release date. While earlier trailers for the film were great at building tension and teasing the story line, this one throws us right into the middle of the mess. A war is coming, so get ready.

I can’t even words about it right now. Too many excite.

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