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Friday Sci-Five: 06.27.14

David’s birthday was yesterday so I’m pretty sure I deserve a gold star for making sure this post rolls out. I don’t drink often so I didn’t get wild last night but I’m not much of a partier and I rarely stay up late on weeknights (I’m too much fun) and the tireds are hitting me hard today. I could have pulled the post together yesterday if I wasn’t too busy napping.

Did I mention I like sleep? Because seriously. Sleep is my jam.




hungergamesThe first Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I trailer is out. See, you thought when I gave you two trailers last week that you would be left wanting this week. But you were wrong. Because it’s summer, and there’s movie things happening ALL DAY ERRYDAY. It’s pretty exciting. Full Disclosure: I’ve never read the Hunger Games books (I’m busy trying to get through Game of Thrones, GET OFF MY BACK, JEEZ) and it’s not really a priority, but I enjoy the movies. David and I saw the first movie at a midnight showing and I liked the movie but it definitely didn’t warrant a midnight showing (I’m old, I need my sleep). I was much more excited by the second movie than the first and after the ending of that movie I’m basically dying while I wait to see what happens in the next movie. I could probably figure it out if I read the books but I’ll just enjoy the excitement of not knowing the story.

The first trailer for Mockingjay gives us a glimpse into the revolution on the horizon in the next movie. President Snow’s official Panem Address actually reminds me a lot of the Defiance trailers that rolled out before the series started, all government propaganda-tastic. Did those two teams work together on their advertising?


predatorShane Black emphasizes that the new Predator film is not a reboot. The movie world was all aflutter when the “Predator Reboot” was announced recently, with fans screaming outrage at trying to remake the wheel. Fans of the Predator series were not looking forward to having their favorite dreadlocked, murdering alien turned into a new vision.  But worry not, Predator fans, because the new Predator flick will be continuing along in the world that previous Predator films already built. Black tells Collider that he likes “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button,” helping fans to sleep more soundly at night.

I watched the entire Predator series during a series of movie nights with my husband and another couple when we first started dating (my husband and I, not us and the other couple, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just a one-man kind of woman, you do you) and I’m looking forward to seeing what Black pulls together on screen. You can bet your ass that David and I will be at the midnight showing for this one.


bobkaneBatman Co-Creator Bob Kane is getting a Walk of Game star and the comic book universe is none too happy about it. This post on blastr gives a great summary of the backstory behind Batman and the outrage throughout the comic book community. TL:DR? Bob Kane spent decades screwing over Bill Finger, and the injustices keep on coming. As Kane remains listed as the contractual sole creator of Batman and Finger died as the uncredited ghostwriter, comic book fans around the world want justice. They want to see Bill Finger receive the posthumous credit that he could never get in life and they want Bob Kane to stop receiving accolades and awards on behalf of a comic book that probably could have existed without him entirely.

Several bloggers and big names in comic books have already come out to ask where the respect is for Bill Finger in lieu of this news. It looks to me like shit’s about to hit the fan and we might finally start to see some respect for Finger and his work on Batman and in the industry. Keep an eye out for more discussion about Finger’s role in Batman and remembering his legacy as we get closer to the date of Kane’s star reveal.


madmaxEntertainment Weekly offers the first look Hardy and Theron in Mad Max: Road Fury. It’s been 35 years since Mad Max originally debuted on screen and I know plenty of folks young and old looking forward to this particular sequel. I’m going to get real with you: I’ve never seen any of the Mad Max films. I have, however, heard my mom talk about how hot Mel Gibson was in leather pants as Mad Max so it’s not like I don’t know anything about the franchise. I know the storyline. I know Mel Gibson wears leather pants. What more is there to know?

Well okay, it’s probably about time I sat down and watched the Mad Max movies so I can be better prepared for Mad Max: Fury Road when it comes out next May. The cover from EW and the accompanying article (and more pictures!) are definitely helping to get me pumped about a movie that I’m going to have to wait ages for. Since Tom Hardy is one of my movie boyfriends, it’s likely I’ll be going to see the movie regardless of whether I actually sit down and watch the rest of the franchise, but it would be nice to know the legacy he’s taking on. And since my movie boyfriend described working on the film as “mental in a brilliant way” my movie-watcher Spidey-senses are all excited to see just what the hell comes out of this production. Other than Tom Hardy and/or Charlize Theron shirtless. Because that’s pretty much a given.


doomsdayfDoctor Who Doomsday Farewell named Greatest Sci-Fi Moment. If you watch the new Doctor Who series (the reboot circa Christopher Eccleston to now), there are a handful of episodes that you will almost certainly remember for ages. The episode when we say goodbye to Rose? Yea, that’s one of them. Apparently, it’s such a great scene that nearly 100,000 voters in an SFX poll declared it the Greatest Sci-Fi Moment. Hulk destroying Loki in Avengers Assemble, and the chest-burster scene in Alien round out the top three, so Rose and the Doctor are in good company, although this news is certain to anger some non-Whovian sci-fi fans like my husband. Especially considering Luke discovering Darth Vader is his father only made it to number five.

I’m pretty sure I went through at least fifteen boxes of tissues during this episode and had to have a new heart built from robot parts after it exploded. My heart was repaired later in the series (spoiler alert) when Rose finally gets to have her Doctor with her forever but it will still always bare the scars of the Doomsday Farewell.

If you feel like having your heart ripped out this morning, go ahead and watch the scene again.

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