Friday Sci-Five: 06.27.14

David’s birthday was yesterday so I’m pretty sure I deserve a gold star for making sure this post rolls out. I don’t drink often so I didn’t get wild last night but I’m not much of a partier and I rarely stay up late on weeknights (I’m too much fun) and the tireds are hitting me hard today. I could have pulled the post together yesterday if I wasn’t too busy napping.

Did I mention I like sleep? Because seriously. Sleep is my jam.




hungergamesThe first Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I trailer is out. See, you thought when I gave you two trailers last week that you would be left wanting this week. But you were wrong. Because it’s summer, and there’s movie things happening ALL DAY ERRYDAY. It’s pretty exciting. Full Disclosure: I’ve never read the Hunger Games books (I’m busy trying to get through Game of Thrones, GET OFF MY BACK, JEEZ) and it’s not really a priority, but I enjoy the movies. David and I saw the first movie at a midnight showing and I liked the movie but it definitely didn’t warrant a midnight showing (I’m old, I need my sleep). I was much more excited by the second movie than the first and after the ending of that movie I’m basically dying while I wait to see what happens in the next movie. I could probably figure it out if I read the books but I’ll just enjoy the excitement of not knowing the story.

The first trailer for Mockingjay gives us a glimpse into the revolution on the horizon in the next movie. President Snow’s official Panem Address actually reminds me a lot of the Defiance trailers that rolled out before the series started, all government propaganda-tastic. Did those two teams work together on their advertising?


predatorShane Black emphasizes that the new Predator film is not a reboot. The movie world was all aflutter when the “Predator Reboot” was announced recently, with fans screaming outrage at trying to remake the wheel. Fans of the Predator series were not looking forward to having their favorite dreadlocked, murdering alien turned into a new vision.  But worry not, Predator fans, because the new Predator flick will be continuing along in the world that previous Predator films already built. Black tells Collider that he likes “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button,” helping fans to sleep more soundly at night.

I watched the entire Predator series during a series of movie nights with my husband and another couple when we first started dating (my husband and I, not us and the other couple, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just a one-man kind of woman, you do you) and I’m looking forward to seeing what Black pulls together on screen. You can bet your ass that David and I will be at the midnight showing for this one.


bobkaneBatman Co-Creator Bob Kane is getting a Walk of Game star and the comic book universe is none too happy about it. This post on blastr gives a great summary of the backstory behind Batman and the outrage throughout the comic book community. TL:DR? Bob Kane spent decades screwing over Bill Finger, and the injustices keep on coming. As Kane remains listed as the contractual sole creator of Batman and Finger died as the uncredited ghostwriter, comic book fans around the world want justice. They want to see Bill Finger receive the posthumous credit that he could never get in life and they want Bob Kane to stop receiving accolades and awards on behalf of a comic book that probably could have existed without him entirely.

Several bloggers and big names in comic books have already come out to ask where the respect is for Bill Finger in lieu of this news. It looks to me like shit’s about to hit the fan and we might finally start to see some respect for Finger and his work on Batman and in the industry. Keep an eye out for more discussion about Finger’s role in Batman and remembering his legacy as we get closer to the date of Kane’s star reveal.


madmaxEntertainment Weekly offers the first look Hardy and Theron in Mad Max: Road Fury. It’s been 35 years since Mad Max originally debuted on screen and I know plenty of folks young and old looking forward to this particular sequel. I’m going to get real with you: I’ve never seen any of the Mad Max films. I have, however, heard my mom talk about how hot Mel Gibson was in leather pants as Mad Max so it’s not like I don’t know anything about the franchise. I know the storyline. I know Mel Gibson wears leather pants. What more is there to know?

Well okay, it’s probably about time I sat down and watched the Mad Max movies so I can be better prepared for Mad Max: Fury Road when it comes out next May. The cover from EW and the accompanying article (and more pictures!) are definitely helping to get me pumped about a movie that I’m going to have to wait ages for. Since Tom Hardy is one of my movie boyfriends, it’s likely I’ll be going to see the movie regardless of whether I actually sit down and watch the rest of the franchise, but it would be nice to know the legacy he’s taking on. And since my movie boyfriend described working on the film as “mental in a brilliant way” my movie-watcher Spidey-senses are all excited to see just what the hell comes out of this production. Other than Tom Hardy and/or Charlize Theron shirtless. Because that’s pretty much a given.


doomsdayfDoctor Who Doomsday Farewell named Greatest Sci-Fi Moment. If you watch the new Doctor Who series (the reboot circa Christopher Eccleston to now), there are a handful of episodes that you will almost certainly remember for ages. The episode when we say goodbye to Rose? Yea, that’s one of them. Apparently, it’s such a great scene that nearly 100,000 voters in an SFX poll declared it the Greatest Sci-Fi Moment. Hulk destroying Loki in Avengers Assemble, and the chest-burster scene in Alien round out the top three, so Rose and the Doctor are in good company, although this news is certain to anger some non-Whovian sci-fi fans like my husband. Especially considering Luke discovering Darth Vader is his father only made it to number five.

I’m pretty sure I went through at least fifteen boxes of tissues during this episode and had to have a new heart built from robot parts after it exploded. My heart was repaired later in the series (spoiler alert) when Rose finally gets to have her Doctor with her forever but it will still always bare the scars of the Doomsday Farewell.

If you feel like having your heart ripped out this morning, go ahead and watch the scene again.

Boot life and birthdays

bootlifegApparently working out really hard all the time isn’t so good for you.


My affection for high impact, high intensity, interval training has left me all stumpy. I have a stress fracture in my foot because of excessive running/jumping/high impact movements. Thanks to my obsession with balls-to-the-wall workouts, I now have a sweet new accessory to rock for three weeks.


I am to wear the boot whenever I am walking or standing and I am to avoid any high impact exercise. No running. No jumping. No running and jumping at the same time (high school long/triple/high jumper in the hooouse). This means a big shift in my workouts is required so I updated my plan and wanted to share it with anyone else that just so happens to not be able to do things that might injure their foot (my people!).

My workouts for the next three weeks will be comprised of three different full-body strength circuits, cycling, and swimming. I did the first strength circuit last night in one-minute intervals. 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, then on to the next exercise. I did that three times through (for a 30 minute workout) and I kept an easy-moderate pace because I was easing back into my workouts. The next strength day I’ll up the pace or the weights to make it more difficult and I’ll vary the intensity of my workouts throughout.

LI1g LI2g LI3g

(click the images to expand)

Today I’ll be cycling at the work gym (top five favorite work perks of ever) on my lunch break and tomorrow I’ll either hit up the pool or rest. My former-water-polo-playing friend came over last week to teach me how to swim like a real adult so now I know how to do the break stroke, crawl stroke, back stroke, and I think some other stroke but I can’t remember (I’m a great student). I’m hoping to get some more time in the pool soon to a) have an excuse to enjoy the pool before we move out and b) to get comfortable with another form of exercise.

If I’m being honest though, tomorrow is 90% chance of a rest day because it’s David’s birthday <3 <3. Love that guy.

His birthday is always a fun adventure around our house because while David’s all like

what birthday?


I’m all like

party party party party!

and I make him celebrate his birthday every year, even when he doesn’t want to. As far as I’m concerned it’s one of my wifely duties (hehe duties) to force him to celebrate life. And celebrate we shall! We both have the day off work Thursday and the world is our oyster!

I have no idea what that saying means. Also, I don’t like seafood. So maybe we’ll just do something fun instead, sans oysters…


Friday Sci-Five: 6.20.14

In this week’s Sci-Five I’m giving you not one, but two trailers. This is an obvious sign that I love you so very very much. It’s also a sign that I’m acknowledging it’s Friday. What are you doing anyway? Other than pretending to work? You’ve probably already checked the clock like a dozen times and are trying to figure out if you can sneak out a little early with no one noticing. So go ahead, embrace the Friday.




Falling-Skies-01-cast1Season four of Falling Skies is here. Last week saw the return of Defiance, this week Falling Skies returns, summer is no longer the season just for reruns. The smart channels are revitalizing summer viewing and I know I’m not the only one watching. Summer used to be really cool when it meant I didn’t have to go to school and I could stay out late on weeknights but now that I’m an adult it’s lost a lot of it’s appeal. Shows like Falling Skies help bring back the summer excitement.

And the best part? You don’t have to wait until the premiere airs on TNT on Sunday (6/22)! TNT loves you and wants you to be happy so they’ve made the first episode of season four available for viewing online before Sunday. I would normally jump at the chance to watch it but this is one of the few shows I watch with David so my popcorn will have to wait until the air date. Check your local listings for show times.


her-universe-marvel-promoHer Universe announced a collaboration with Marvel Universe and Disney Consumer Goods.  If you identify as both a geek and female or know someone who does, there’s a fair chance that you’ve heard of Her Universe. The geek-girl-centered clothing and accessories company founded by Ashley Eckstein is a staple on my Pinterest Wish List and is constantly rolling out new designs to delight every fandom.

This new collaboration, announced just yesterday by Marvel and Her Universe, will feature pieces spotlighting the expected characters such as Thor and Iron Man but will also allow room for some of Marvel’s best female characters as well including Rogue and She-Hulk. I’ve already got my eye on (translation: pinned to Pinterest) the Rogue Tank and Captain America Sweater and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this collaboration in the future.


SciFiMuseum1The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum project is fully funded. Earlier this week the Kickstarter for this museum closed around 11k over the goal. If you haven’t heard anything about this museum through the Kickstarter, you need to only hop over to their website to get as much excitement as possible out of this project.

“The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum will be a nonprofit, educational museum created to educate, inspire, enrich and entertain all ages through interactive, completely immersive displays.”

Teaching real science, using interactive displays, and touching on some of my favorite fandoms? This sounds like one of the greatest museums in the history of museums. The only thing that makes me able to keep some modicum of cool when talking about this is the fact that I will probably never, ever go to it. I like it in theory but Hollywood isn’t on my top 10 list of places to visit and it took me almost 30 years just to get to one place on the list so… it could take a while to find myself in Hollywood.

Unless of course I get a starring role on Defiance like I do in my dreams…


HBO releases a new trailer for the upcoming original series, The Leftovers. Based on the premise that two percent of the population suddenly disappeared three years ago, this HBO show has a premise original enough to intrigue me and trailers good enough to pull me in for a test drive.

Three years ago, two percent of the population suddenly disappeared. The show will follow the lives of those left after the original panicking has subsided, when everyone is back to living their everyday lives while still trying to cope with what happened. The trailer below is the latest to be released from the HBO show page that’s full of other show teasers and sneak peeks to keep you thoroughly excited until the premiere date later this month.


The final full trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is here. You guys. I’m so excited I could just pee. This movie comes out five days before my birthday because Hollywood wanted to get me something special this year. The final full trailer was just released yesterday.

It’s been three years since Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the hype around this movie is growing the closer we get to the July 11th release date. While earlier trailers for the film were great at building tension and teasing the story line, this one throws us right into the middle of the mess. A war is coming, so get ready.

I can’t even words about it right now. Too many excite.

Things I Love: Dove go fresh Cool Essentials Deodorant

Here’s the thing: no one wants to be smelly, myself included. Proof of that can be seen in the ever-increasing deodorant and fragrance aisles. We like to smell good.

Sometime around starting college my hormones and/or glands started to get all wonky. I was suddenly always sweating all the time. Whether I was cold or hot I always had sweaty pits. It was inevitable. My pit stains had pit stains and I avoided certain fabrics so that my pit stains were harder to see. Thanks to the internet I was able to determine that I probably had some sort of sudden onset hyperhydrosis (thanks, internet!) and that it would be a battle I would fight forever. Determined to solve this problem on my own (and not see a doctor about because that would be CRAZY), I went back to the internet for more help.

What deodorant will save me, internet? What deodorant will mask this sweat?

The internet told me to invest in the newly available “clinical strength” deodorants. It’s important to note here that I had absolutely zero idea what qualified these as “clinical strength” and on account of being lazy, I still haven’t looked this up. I just assume it’s extra concentrated deodorant. Like how extra strength acne treatments are just double the salicylic acid (or whatever).

Recently, feeling like the clinical strength deodorant wasn’t holding through my tough workouts, and somewhat concerned that deodorant can cause breast cancer I thought “OMG I shouldn’t use this extra strength stuff, it’s not even working and it’s probably extra cancery!” So I decided to try a more “natural” approach to deodorizing. Enter: Tom’s of Maine.

Deodorant review or Sabrina the MothWoman? We may never know.

I love Maine and I love apricots so I figured their “fresh apricot” scent was the way to go.

It was not.

I spent approximately two weeks waking around smelling like BO and apricots. It was a weird and enticing mix of scents, to be sure. In fact, after a particularly sweaty day I hopped in the apartment complex elevators where a neighbor let me know that I smelled “real good.” I suppose the apricot was probably reaching farther than the sweat scent but I could still smell myself.

All day long.


So back to the internets I went!

This time, I started with some more reliable sources, like this particular piece from the National Cancer Institute that emphasizes that there is no conclusive evidence that links the use of antiperspirants or deodorants and breast cancer. Sure, I could have looked that up first and saved myself the trouble but I like to live on the edge and throw money away.

After solving the whole cancer issues, I tried to find recommended deodorants for fit gals like me and boy did I ever find answers. Tons of solutions led me to clinical strength deodorants again but that obviously was not going to work this time.

prod-apdeo-ultimate-go-fresh-cool-essentials-deo-AAnd then.

Some fitness website (I don’t remember, I’m very busy) recommended Dove go fresh Cool Essentials deodorant and I was skeptical but intrigued. It earned something like four out of five stars and at less than $4 I didn’t have much to lose. Except $4.

You guys.

I can’t even.

I’m basically in love with this deodorant. It’s super inexpensive and super effective. I wasn’t exactly excited about grabbing this off of the shelf because I have an aversion to cucumber melon scents (hello, middle school is calling, it wants its body spray back) and was worried I would be stepping into that scent but that didn’t happen at all. The mix of cucumber and green tea really does smell cool and refreshing (and nothing like middle school) and this deodorant delivers. It keeps a fair amount of sweat at bay and at times when I have no choice but to sweat, it does a great job of masking my sexy lady BO.

Just call me Ol' Cucumber Pits.
Just call me Ol’ Cucumber Pits.

I went on a three mile run this past weekend in 80 degree weather and came back to my house covered in sweat but not reaking of it which was insanely refreshing.

I seem to have found the fit girl holy grail.

It works for me. Will it work for you? Probably? Maybe? We all have different body chemistry so you won’t really now until you try it but it definitely is my new favorite beauty product.

Oh and for what it’s worth, I super don’t have hyperhydrosis.

At some point in the past 10 years my hormones and glands stopped being wonky (as they relate to sweat anyway) but I was so stuck in my clinical strength deodorant ways that I kept thinking I was just as sweaty as before. I kept thinking I needed MOAR ANTIPERSPIRANT but all I needed was a good one.

I’m pretty damn elated that I found a deodrant that works for me and quite frankly you should be too. Finding a quality deodorant isn’t just a win for me, it’s a win for everyone that ever has to stand near me. Especially after a workout, or in a building when the air conditioning is broken.

So basically, you’re welcome America. Smell my cucumbery goodness.


Shaving my head for charity

st-baldricksOne month from today I’m shaving my head. Well, I’m not shaving my head. My friend and hair stylist Jody is shaving my head. But still, the head shaving is happening.


To raise money for St. Baldrick’s foundation.

I’ve watched numerous friends and family members go through cancer, including my own husband, and I’m no stranger to fundraising for the cause. This year, in honor of the fight that many close to me – and many more I’ve never met – have gone and are going through, I’m dedicating my birthday to cancer research.

The money collected from my head shaving fundraiser will go toward research programs working to find cures to childhood cancers. Imagine having cancer. Then imagine that you’re five years old. Childhood cancers are their own beast entirely. They look similar to adult cancers but these diseases are different and they require different care and special research for cures. These children are warriors and they deserve every tiny ounce of hope and support the world can give them.

If you donate $75 or more by midnight (EST) tonight (June 16th), I’ll reach out to you for a thank you of course, but also to offer you a complimentary, personalized 12 week workout program along with nutritional guidelines.*

I’ve already hit my original goal of $1,000 but there’s still one month until my birthday so there’s no point in slowing down. I would love to see the number doubled by July 16th, so please consider donating todayOr tomorrowDonate and help make the future brighter for sick children. Help me to use my birthday to do bigger and better things for the world. Together we can make a difference.


*This is not a meal plan.

[New Feature] Friday Sci-Five: 6.13.14

Welcome to my latest recurring feature: The Friday Sci-Five. I’ll be using my blog to spread the latest and greatest sci-fi and fantasy (mostly TV and movie focused) news (in no particular order). And by latest and greatest I mean the news that I get really excited about and not necessarily news that is actually important or interesting to other people. So hey, even if you don’t like the news I’m sharing you can at least better understand my psyche and maybe psychoanalyze me and help me figure out all of my problems or something. That would be nice. Do you have a floofy couch I could just sit on? Just for a minute while I tell you a story…




Defiance - Season 1Defiance is back. Okay I know I said “in no particular order” less than 10 paragraphs ago but if I were to order the top five, this would be number one. Hands down. No contest. My love for Defiance runs deep and this season two trailer has me all hot and bothered for the show to return.

This SyFy mega-hit had me and many more watching excitedly every week last season and the audience for this show and video game are bound to keep growing; especially now that the video game is free to play. I spent my Defiance nights last season falling in love with the characters, the world, and dreaming my own character into the show. I’m sure SyFy will call me any day now and ask me to join them as a series regular but until then, I’ll have my popcorn ready. Season two airs this coming week on Thursday 6/19. Check your local listings for time. Or just take off work and watch SyFy all day long until the show comes on.


hodor_green_header_0Photoshop Hodor. I don’t watch Game of Thrones because I want to read the books first and because I’m a horrible person. I did the same thing with LOTR and it only took me like 10 years after the final movie was released to finish the books and watch the films. At this rate I should be watching Game of Thrones around my 40th birthday.

That being said, I do love photoshop, and I know plenty of people that love Game of Thrones, so this adventure from the beautiful people at Blastr looks like a lot of fun. Use your Photoshop Fu to place a green screen image of Hodor wherever your heart desires then tweet it out with the hastah #Wilwproject. The best will be featured on The Wil Wheaton Project on 6/17. Design. Watch. Fun!


imagesPrincess Leia gets Disney merch love too. If you’re anything like me, you grew up on Disney princesses. And then spent your adult years realizing how totally warped and sexist the stories are. And remained in love with Disney. Because Disney. Much debate has raged over Disney purchasing the Star Wars franchise and one notable recent issue was the lack of love for Leia. Disney tweeted at a fan that “there are no plans for Leia products at Disney Store.” Ouch. Wrong move.

This time piece outlines the #WeWantLeia campaign and Disney’s response. Suffice it to say, there’s a huge market for Leia merchandise and if Disney is smart they’ll take good care of their newest Disney Princess. Don’t alienate female Star Wars fans Disney, or it’s going to get ugly fast.


1402514825000-ap-netflix-magic-school-bus-childrens-television1Netflix is rebooting Magic School Bus. Be still my childhood science nerd heart. I always aced science class. Science and reading were my jam. When you couple that love with an excitement for cartoons you’ve got one young girl crazy about Magic School Bus. The show was targeted at me and my fellow millennial and it worked. I watched

Partnering with Scholastic, Netflix will debut the new Magic School Bus 360 in 2016 with 26 episodes. This time around the show will be computer animated and will feature the latest technology to add an extra layer of science and excitement. I can’t seem to track down information on whether or not the old cast of characters will be reborn in this series or if a new cast will be created but I’m hoping we can at least count on Ms. Frizzle to return.


Archie-Comics-The-Chilling-Adventures-of-Sabrina-01-666x1024Archie Comics announces the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Listen, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out the appeal here. My name is Sabrina. The star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is named Sabrina. We’re basically best friends in my head. I watched the movie. I watched the TV show with Melissa Joan Hart. I’ve read the comics. I watched the cartoons. I’m all about Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Between the name and my love for campy witchcraft, this show was pretty much made for me.

Cue Archie Comics’ reboot. After killing off Archie, the comic giants launched the darker Afterlife with Archie to wide acclaim. After the success of their genre crossover, they’ve decided to take Sabrina darker. Set in the 60’s, this series will follow Sabrina as she tries to keep her secret identity hidden and manages living in two worlds. When the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits the shelves in October you can bet I’ll be one of the first in line.

My tiny house dream is dead


I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year convincing myself and my husband that a tiny house was a the right move for us. I’ve been all over the Facebooks posting tiny houses and swooning over their adorableness.

Because minimalism! Because money! Because convenience! I dreamed of us having our adorable tiny home on a trailer with only our necessities and our dog. We would find a couple acres of land, throw our tiny house on it, put up a fence to let the dog run around, and maybe even grow a garden.

Living the hipster dream!

But then I visited some tiny houses this weekend and to use the phrasing the owners of the houses repeated many times, I’m just not drinking the Kool-Aid anymore.


Logistics. Apparently the tiny house dream isn’t as easy to make happen as all the cool bloggers would like me to believe. And when cool bloggers post about the cool tiny house they built, many of them don’t explain exactly where they will be placing said tiny house and what sort of government nightmare choosing a tiny house is.

There are places in the United States that allow the tiny houses on trailers to be considered accessory dwelling units (ADU if you’re up on the lingo) but that means it has to exist on a property with another house. A real house. With plumbing and specific square footage, and safety measures. So if we went that route we wouldn’t be downsizing on account of that whole extra house thing. And we could potentially rent out the house to other people but then that defeats the purpose of getting our own land void of other people because we hate other people. Additionally, these tiny houses are often grouped in with your typical trailer park trailer and there’s about a million regulations on where those can and cannot exist on account of how ugly they are.

And also poor people. Poor people are great and all when you’re helping them from the comfort of your home but most people don’t actually want to be near poor people. Because cooties. And poor.

Oh and if you were thinking you can just slap your tiny house down on a concrete foundation and call it a day, think again. That requires your house to fall into previously mentioned zoning laws and regulations. Laws that dictate square footage, plumbing, amenities, safety features, etc. Your tiny house just got untiny.

FWIW – I have no idea what zoning laws exist outside of the United States so maybe it’s more possible in the UK or North Korea or something.

Space. Okay so this one is obvious but I don’t think I could have really considered the limitations of this space better than I can right now. David and I live in a two bedroom, two bath apartment and we already feel limited by the size. We used to rent a house which probably helped to change the way we view space too. We love that we have less space to clean these days but hate that we also have much less space to entertain. We also have less space for the three more dogs I want.

And really, our relationship is better when we both have space. I identify mostly as an introvert while David is mostly an extrovert, but he has his moments where he just wants to come home and hide. We both need me time and we need me space. When we lived in a one bedroom apartment we were easily frustrated by the lack of personal space. Now, when we need me time I disappear into the bedroom and he disappears into the office. It works for us. On top of that, the office is David decorated. It has movie posters and toys galore. It’s much more David’s space than it is mine and our bedroom is much more our space than it is mine. I want my own space. When we buy a house some day I’m getting my own craft/fitness/dog snuggling room. It’s going to be awesome.

Materialism. I’ve been considered this idea of a minimalist lifestyle for a while now and it always sounds so appealing but you know what? Fuck it, I like stuff, and I’m done feeling bad about it. We don’t have much money so we don’t run around filling our house with chotchkies on a regular basis which is helping for now. Because of an upcoming move I started going through our house room by room and decluttering to get rid of things we never use or don’t need.

We don’t have a lot of stuff but we have more stuff than we can fit in a tiny house. And I’m okay with that. I have sentimental attachment to some things. I like my bookshelf. I have way too many clothes but I wear them all. I love shoes. David loves movie paraphernalia. Stuff is fun. I’m done focusing on how many things we have, and I’m done feeling guilty for having it all.

I came away from the tiny house tour knowing that this was not going to be the next step for us but I also could understand the benefits of examining the tiny house movement more. The houses we saw were built on a fenced-in alley lot in the middle of DC. They took unused, wasted space and made it something appealing and livable. They also mentioned that they recently hosted council members in an effort to see if this could offer some sort of solution for tackling the homeless population in the area. There’s potential to the idealism in tiny homes, but it’s no longer appealing to me as a thing I need to keep trying to convince my husband is the best choice for us.

victorianhouseSo the tiny house story isn’t our story. We’re moving in with family for a while and after that, when it’s time to find a home of our own, we’re going to find a nice home with plenty of space to put all of our stuff in. And I’m going to go back to dreaming about my perfect Victorian home. The beautiful one full of character, with personal rooms for each of us, a massive master suite, a guest room or two, possibly a future child’s room, a game room basement, plenty of entertaining space, a wrap around porch, and a fenced in yard for my four dogs. Oh and a pool. Definitely needs a pool.

You know what? Make that five dogs.

And don’t forget the friendly ghost in the attic.