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An updated domain

I know what you’re thinking:

“Hey Sabrina, didn’t you JUST leave your self-hosted WordPress site for a free WordPress site like… less than six months ago? Why are you switching back to self hosted? And why did you change the name? Can’t you make up your mind? Stop being weird.”

And okay, yes, this move is happening quite soon after another move but I promise this makes sense. I had an idea for this domain ages ago and I’ve been sitting on it for a while. Every now and then I get emails from GoDaddy reminding me it exists and I go “Oh yea, some day I’ll put something on that catchy domain I have.” and then I don’t. I originally thought maybe David and I could use it somehow but we could just never figure out an idea that worked.

And then I thought HEY it kind of fits me. I should use it for myself. Let’s break it down:

Geek: It’s no secret I’m a total Doctor Who fangirl. I also love Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, reading comic books (that reminds me, still need to pick up Saga Vol. 3), and getting lost in a good sci-fi movie. I’m a professional writer and a self-cassified “word nerd.” I also subscribe to the idea that you can be a geek about pretty much anything. Whatever makes you squeal like a little fangirl and get excited when you’re around someone who understands your obsession.

Granola: This has more than one meaning to me. For one, granola is delicious. It’s also a staple of many healthy diets. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer with a love for living healthy, exercising regularly, and getting outdoors often. Granola is also akin to crunchy – both terms previously used to describe my¬†occasionally earthy, glass-half-full, love the world personality. Also, now I want a granola bar. Damn.

And most importantly:


So welcome to my new internet home. I paid for it so I might as well use it. I’m going to take some time in the coming weeks to update old posts to make the transition as smooth as possible and will probably continue to mess with the look of the site too. I promise not to move for at least another year. And hopefully not for much longer. Not that you care anyway because if you’re reading this you’re probably my mom and I’ll just keep sending you the updating hyperlinks. Love you mom!

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