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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Taking the power back from the food police



Food is neither good nor bad. Food is neither clean nor dirty. You do not love food and food does not love you back. Food is food is food. It is either delicious or it is not. It is either nutritious or it is not. Food should not exist on a spectrum of morality.

Let’s stop making the practice of eating – something we all need to do to survive – something worth being shamed for, something worth feeling guilty over. This is damaging future generations and us. Food is food. Make your own choices without vilifying others.  I have been guilty of this before. I have been misguided and misinformed and encouraged others to do and be the same. I want to make a change.

Know what you are putting in your body and feel no shame for the food choices you make. Sometimes I eat chicken and vegetables for dinner. Sometimes I eat Velveeta shells and chocolate chip cookies for dinner. And it is a constant struggle not to feel guilty for what I choose to eat – nutritious or not. I obsess and analyze every single piece of food or drink that I take in. I obsess over whether or not I am living healthy or eating “good enough.”   

I am not a fitness or figure competitor. I am not a body builder. There is no legitimate reason to obsessively monitor my intake or follow restrictive eating guidelines. I am not performing I am just working on existing as best I can and constructively as I can.  I am trying to make a difference in the world and I should be worrying about that instead of how the brownie I ate at lunch isn’t going to help me on the path to a flat stomach.

I hope that I can stop this cycle for me some day, and for my future children.  Anyone care to join me?

Join me in making incredibly health dinners and enjoying them.

Join me in making incredibly unhealthy dinners and enjoying them too.

Join me in appreciating the taste of whatever delicious food you just happen to be enjoying that day.

Join me in moderation and denouncing food morality. For us, for our own sanity, and for the children that shouldn’t ever know a world where they obsess over their food and use it to qualify their worth.