Actual Real Life – Episode 2: My neighbors hate me

As I mentioned in my last post, Husband and I moved into a new apartment recently. We’ve been here for about a month and a half and although this place isn’t perfect, it’s a good step up for us and it is about 500 times nicer than our first apartment together. I love rain and I extra love falling asleep to the sound of rain and our first apartment catered to my love so much that it rained inside of our bedroom. All down the walls. It was a really fancy feature (don’t be jelly). This apartment doesn’t have the sweet indoor rain feature but it has it’s own special “charm.”

Although we moved into a different zip code, we moved less than 10 miles; and yet it feels at times like we’re in another world. Or some weird alternate universe where people really, really suck. I don’t know what everyone’s issue is here but roughly 99% of our neighbors are just not particularly nice.

I always assumed it was common knowledge that when you walk by a person in a neighborhood or apartment complex or on a sidewalk that you say hello. I also always assumed it was common knowledge that when someone is walking through a door behind you, you should take a minute out of your day to wait and hold the door open for them until they can get to it (within reason, of course). Since moving in, the following incidences have all happened multiple times:

– A person let’s the door shut in my face.

– A person purposely shuts the door behind them when I am walking in.

– I say hello to a single* person and they turn away and/or give me a dirty look and/or ignore me.

– I say hello to a couple* and while one person gives me stank eye, another person ignores me.

– I hold the door open for someone and they avoid eye contact and don’t say thank you.

– I say thank you to someone for holding the door open and they give me a dirty look and/or ignore me.

– A person sees my dog barreling toward the door ahead of me and lets the door shut in my dog’s face.

(*single and couple are used to explain numbers, not the relationship of the people that I will obviously never know)

If it was one instance or a problem with just one person, I would think nothing of it, but it seems to be the thing to do around here to be a dick. I’ve come up with a lot of reasons this might be happening and I think I’ve narrowed it down. Claiming that all of the people in the same zip code or even in the same building are all dicks is just scientifically impossible (right?) so there’s only one clear answer:

I don’t look the way I think I look. Normal looking, unoffensive, unintimidating me is obviously a layer in the dimension that I primarily exist in, but not the dimension these people live in. Whatever I think I look like and whoever I think I am, is not real. It’s a disappointing discovery but when all the signs are pointing that way it’s hard to deny.

Based on the reactions – in particular the dirty looks – that I’ve received, I put together what I think that I must look like. Since Husband lives in the same dimension with me he’s of no help in figuring out what sort of horrible creature I am, and I can’t very well ask all of these people that are ignoring me, but I still think that this is a pretty accurate representation of who I am to the outside world:


Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife!

Dear Neighbors, Sorry I’m not sorry. I’m going to keep saying hello to you ungrateful suckers because I’m going to teach you some damn manners and kill you with kindness.




I’m still here

Don’t worry friends, I’m still here. It’s been a crazy summer for me but I’m hoping to get back on track with my blogging now that I have everything organized again. My life remains pretty crazy but I think I have a better hold on all of the nonsense now. So what have I been up to?


-New job! I celebrated my birthday by moving on up in the world. I’ve joined an awesome team that’s allowing me to really define my own role with the company and that’s kind of awesome. I have high hopes for this place!

-New apartment! Husband and I moved out of the house we were sharing with roommates and into our own apartment. The neighbors aren’t too friendly but the apartment is nice and new and secured – so no major complaints there! Also, I FYI, I hate moving.

-Still classes! Oh me oh my. I will be so happy when I’m finally done with my degree. In case you don’t know the story – I went to university for two years, dropped out, took random classes at a community college for two years, left school for two years, got my associate’s degree, took a little less than a year, then went back to school to get my bachelor’s. I expect to have my bachelor’s degree by the end of winter 2014 and when that day comes I’m going to party my ass off. It has taken me so long to get to this point. If you had told me, graduating high school at 17, that it would take me around nine years before I would see a bachelor’s degree I would have laughed. And cried. And ran away. Long, arduous process does not even begin to cover it. But now I’m rocking a 4.0 GPA, a member of Golden Key International Society, and working my ass off in my 400 level classes. I can’t wait for the weekend that doesn’t have a homework assignment mixed in. It will be oh so glorious.

Geeked Out Fitness. If you’re following me on twitter (and you should be) then you might have seen this project I’m working on. Some friends and I are created a retail store that allows us to design and sell geeky fitness apparel. We built a Kickstarter to get our company off of the ground and we met our goal! The Kickstarter is still running for a couple more days so please consider donating to the fund. The more money we earn from this Kickstarter – the more we have to put into the business and we have some pretty big and awesome plans for this company.

-Speaking of companies, I’m a fairly active part of Hashtag Studios. If you’re one of the two people that watched DrewTV, you know that this fledgling studio has been around for a little minute. We just moved the studio in a great space in a local business park and took on a great partnership opportunity. I’m helping to get the studio operational on an administrative level and you can also catch me doing some interviews at upcoming cons. Watch out for Hashtag – we’re making moves!


So I’ve been a tad busy. But I’m going to start making time for writing again. I hope someone is still reading this (hi mom!) and if not – well it’s time to get my content rolling again so there’s something to read!

Thanks for your patience, awesome readers. Tell me if there’s anything you’d like to see from my blog (more unicorns?) and I’ll try to make it happen. As long as you don’t request something totally weird.