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Five thoughts from a marriage expert (me)

One month ago today, I wore a big fancy dress and told my sweetie pie that I would stand by his side forever. It was a day I will certainly never forget for a plethora of reasons. We partied in the forest and after an entire weekend in the woods without sleep I took the greatest shower of my life the next day.

In the past month of marriage I am fairly certain that I have officially learned all there is to learn about marriage and so here are my thoughts on the subject after one month of wedded bliss:

  1. weddingMarriage does not come with a maid. They lied to you. The dishes still need to get done. The toilet still needs to be scrubbed. The dog still hasn’t learned how to use a toilet like the rest of civilized society.
  2. Having a husband is a lot of fun. It makes me feel particularly adulty. In a good way. Not a bad way – the way paying your property taxes makes you feel adulty. I like to say “my husband” and then – because I look like a 16 year-old – watch the confused faces try to figure out just how old I really am.
  3. Brides! Nobody changes their name quickly. I did my last name change within two weeks of the wedding because I loathe having things pile up on my To Do list. 9/10 of the other married women I’ve spoken too have all said it took them a year – if not more – to change their name. This was news to me.
  4. Getting congratulated for stuff is fun and makes me feel important. Every time I have to change my name or add David’s name to some paperwork I/we get congratulated on our marriage. Why yes, kind strangers, I am sort of a big deal these days. Thank you for noticing.
  5. Did I mention the maid bit already?


No seriously. Can someone come clean our bathroom please?



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  1. Get a toilet brush with a container from target. Fill the container halfway with water, and add soap and bleach. Keep that by the toilet. Change the water out once a week. Keep wipes under the sink. At night, swish the brush around the toilet. Wipe down the surface and seat with the wipes, and wipe down the sink. Three minutes to your clean bathroom routine, done every night before bed. So easy. 🙂

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