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Wee little hiatius

You may notice that my last post was almost exactly one month out from my wedding (you didn’t). I thought I would have had more done at the one month mark but it turns out I’m a busy person. With the wedding planning added onto a full-time job, full-time school, a new volunteering gig, and still trying to find time for myself (and snuggling with Chewy), my brain is a bit overloaded. It’s not that I don’t want to give you new crappy drawings and sarcastic musings, it’s that my energy is being diverted to this BIGLIFECHANGINGEVENT happening. I can’t even get to sleep quickly lately with my normally over-active brain on overdrive. It’s all tiny things, logistical things, tying up loose ends but my mind doesn’t know the difference between big details and little details.

I keep telling my brain that the only things my friends need to enjoy the night are beer and music (actually, probably just beer) but it’s just not listening!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you probably won’t see me again until mid-May. Post-wedding. When I can afford to kick back and write for 15-20 minutes a day again. I have some blog drafts ready and waiting to get me back up to speed when I come back so you don’t have to miss me for too long. And if you get lonely, I’m still randomly rambling @fitlaughlove most days.


I feel preeetyy. Oh so preeeeettyyyyyyyyyy.
I feel preeetyy. Oh so preeeeettyyyyyyyyyy.

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