Wee little hiatius

You may notice that my last post was almost exactly one month out from my wedding (you didn’t). I thought I would have had more done at the one month mark but it turns out I’m a busy person. With the wedding planning added onto a full-time job, full-time school, a new volunteering gig, and still trying to find time for myself (and snuggling with Chewy), my brain is a bit overloaded. It’s not that I don’t want to give you new crappy drawings and sarcastic musings, it’s that my energy is being diverted to this BIGLIFECHANGINGEVENT happening. I can’t even get to sleep quickly lately with my normally over-active brain on overdrive. It’s all tiny things, logistical things, tying up loose ends but my mind doesn’t know the difference between big details and little details.

I keep telling my brain that the only things my friends need to enjoy the night are beer and music (actually, probably just beer) but it’s just not listening!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you probably won’t see me again until mid-May. Post-wedding. When I can afford to kick back and write for 15-20 minutes a day again. I have some blog drafts ready and waiting to get me back up to speed when I come back so you don’t have to miss me for too long. And if you get lonely, I’m still randomly rambling @fitlaughlove most days.


I feel preeetyy. Oh so preeeeettyyyyyyyyyy.
I feel preeetyy. Oh so preeeeettyyyyyyyyyy.

My car makes me look cool

And by cool I mean really, really weird. If 10 year-old boys could drive, they would drive my car.



No seriously, VA plates are ABC-1234 but mine is 1234-ABC. Sometimes I think it’s not real.

Did I mention it’s a Ford Focus hatchback? I’m basically winning in the sexy car division of world car competitions.

You should be watching the show I’m on

560935_278581388928335_1956138284_nOnce upon a time there was a boy named Drew. That boy decided to start his own live streaming show where he
talked about television. With his giant headphones in tow he had chatty chats with the camera and the interns and carried on his whole season this way.

Then, in a stroke of genius and after many focus groups, he realized that the show needed something more. Something like perhaps a slightly awkward, face-making, giggle-o-saurus co-host.

Okay maybe he just said he needed a female co-host. Maybe he wasn’t so descriptive.

Or maybe he was.

Either way, I was all “Hey, I can maybe do that!” I told him that if I sucked he was more than welcome to tell me not to come back as long as he said it in a really nice way. It turns out though that I’m not THE worst ever, so he’s letting me stick around. And now, every Tuesday night at 8PM EST (or occasional Thursday when something comes up on Tuesday) I sit next to Drew with my mug o’ tea (sometimes beer) and talk and TV.

We talk about what we’re watching, what we loved in the recent weeks, what we’re Netflixing, and what we’re excited to see coming up. Toss in a bit of ratings and TV news and you’ve got a whole 30 minute show! We now have one hella amazing prize closet (thanks Hashtag Studios) and the capability for viewers to call in so watching live is not only painless but can also be very rewarding (if you call in). If you’re too busy (liar) to catch us live you can also catch up on all of the shows on our USTREAM page.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you really have no good reason not to watch the show.

If you can’t make up your mind, check out the latest episode of DrewTV that I embedded for you below because you’re too lazy to follow links. As crazy Whovians we dedicated the entirety of this last show to the Doctor in honor of the mid-season premiere last Saturday.  

Want to see what a typical show is like when we’re not geeking out about Doctor Who? Stop by the USTREAM and watch away (I won’t tell your boss you’re not really working).

You can catch all of us on Twitter (@fitlaughlove , @drewcrowder , @mydrewtv ) so you can keep up to date with the action and if you give us a shout out we’ll probably shout right back (because we love you).

So go on, watch the show, you know you want to.

[embedplusvideo height=”298″ width=”480″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/KKFP9uj52t0?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=KKFP9uj52t0&width=480&height=298&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1481″ /]