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Last March 3rd was a pretty good day

chewyy2One year ago today the Johnson family got 40 pounds heavier when we adopted the quietest dog at the shelter.

He slowly got off of his cot and walked right up to the door of his cage, trying to lick my fingers each of the three times I walked by. My adorable friend Trish drove us to PetSmart and home while I tried to calm the quiet dog that turned into a tornado of squeals and hyperactivity. I am sure he was more confused than I can imagine. 

365 days of snuggles later I am so glad that I brought him home. He is such a sweetheart and he is exactly what I need on all of David’s second shifts and after my long days.

Apparently getting a dog together is a big deal in a relationship so I would like to point out that David and I have weathered this storm fairly well. We’ve had discussions on whether Chewy is allowed in the bed (I’m a firm yes on this one, David a firm not-ever), if he’s getting enough exercise (we try but we can do better), and when the time is right for him to get another fur sibling (need a fenced in yard). Nobody has lost their marbles and we’ve compromised pretty well through it all. And anyway, it’s just like having a baby, right??? So hey, it’ll be smooth sailing when that ship comes around! Easy peasy!

Happy Adoptioniversary Chewbacca Dalek Stinky Floppy-Ears Chunk Monster Johnson: apple of my eye, eater of all the things. Here’s a spoon full of peanut butter to celebrate – don’t get too crazy.


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