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Recipe: all natural smoothie

strawberry-banana-smoothieThis is a recipe of my own making after doing a bit of research. I don’t add any sugar or use any sugar-substitute so this might seem a little bitter to some (see: my fiance).

I think it’s a great way to get breakfast in when I’m on the go but when I mix up the quantities of the mixture I tend to end up with more of a mush than a smoothie and drinking a mush is quite difficult (trust me).

This recipe isn’t 100% exact to the tee as I tend to be the cooker/baker that adds things without measuring but it’s as close as I imagine and I can get. It fills up my traveling coffee mug (I don’t drink traveling coffee) that I believe is 16oz.

Oh and be sure to use your extra-super-powered blender because I’m pretty sure the death of my one-person blender has a lot to do with my love for smoothies in the summer… oops?

2 Cups Frozen Fruit with no sugar added – I usually do 1 cup of 1 mix from the freezer aisle and 1 cup of a different mix from the freezer aisle

1 Cup Nonfat Yogurt – I switch off between nonfat and sugar-free

3/4 Cup Nonfat Milk – Sometimes I switch this out with soy milk or rice milk – don’t forget this step even if you replace it with water otherwise you’ll end up with mush instead of smoothie

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Cup Leafy Green Vegetable – I usually go with spinach but trust me, you can’t taste the greens in this at all!

1 Half Banana – this helps to add some softness to the load of frozen bits. I don’t eat bananas by themselves very often but my fiance does so this one works out well because it gets to eat half a banana. I suppose you could use a whole banana if you don’t have a backup banana eater in your house.



1. Blend yogurt and leafy green vegetable together until well mixed and leaf is chopped up decent.

2. Mix in 1 cup of frozen fruit along with banana and blend until well mushed. It’s important not to put all of the frozen fruit in at once so your blender doesn’t cry.

3. Add remaining frozen fruit and milk. Blend until all mixed fantastically.

4. Add vanilla and honey and blend until delicious. I save this step for last so that I know the bits of flavoring had a change to absorb into as many pieces of the smoothie as possible. This is probably crazy talk but it makes me feel better.

5. Drink!



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