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Through the lens

credit: my mom

Sometimes I need a reminder that those thoughts are only me projecting my harshest critiques onto myself.

I am not a professional photographer but it is amazing to me how easily everything quiets down when I  put that camera viewfinder to my eye. I don’t have time to focus on me. I have to focus on whatever subject happens to have found itself in that wee little box my eye is dashing around.


Nothing exists but what is inside that frame.

I don’t care what I look like or where I am.

It’s just me. And focus.

My camera has been lounging in my fabulous bag for a bit too long recently and I was reminded of that when I had the chance to take pictures again this past weekend.

Oh and sometimes… people really are watching me. But they’re only watching out of curiousity, not because they’re waiting for me to do something particular. They’re just watching, and patiently waiting. Just in case I might do something worth capturing with that shutter…


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