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Monthly Archives: December 2012

My obligatory blogger new year reflection post

sabrinaresolutions2I couldn’t let the new year roll in without making my own 2012 reflection/ 2013 anticipation post. You would be sad. I don’t see the point in reflecting on old posts on this or my other blog because, well, you know how to search on websites – you’re smart like that. And I also don’t see the point in telling you my favorite posts of the year because that seems really conceited.

“Hey, I know I wrote a lot of important stuff this year but here’s the shit I wrote that’s extra brilliant.”

And a reflection of my most popular pieces around the web? Well if they’re so damn popular you can find them yourself. Because I’m a big deal.

(important: I am not a big deal.)

Now that we’ve cleared all that up, let’s start with 2012 shall we?

I made two resolutions last year and I’m happy to say they were both successful.

2012 Resolution 1: Get my fits back in order. Starting a fitness blog certainly helped to get me inspired there and I owe a lot of my early commitment to Bodyrock. Having that website to turn to for consistent new workouts was right up my alley. I may be a certified personal trainer but that doesn’t mean I want to come up with new workouts all the time. Bodyrock kicked my ass and took all of the work out of getting in shape for me. Okay not all the work because duh I still had to workout. But you know, the thinking stuff.

2012 Resolution 2: Be nicer. When I told people about this resolution they often retorted with “But you’re not mean” and I’m sayin – yea I know. I never said I was mean. The key to that resolution is the “er” part. It’s easy to get old and bitter and disgruntled – especially when you’re prone to sarcasm and cynicism like I am – but I don’t want that to happen. I made a conscious effort to be nicer. I offered to pay for things more (on the off chance I wasn’t broke), I held more doors open, I offered help to some friends when I just wanted to be selfish and not offer a thing. I didn’t really have a way to measure this so I asked David if it worked. He said yes, he noticed I was nicer. I’ll take his word for it. I’ll also continue challenging myself to be a nicer person.

And now *space noises here* a peak into the future…

2013 Resolution 1: Eat less animals. Once upon a time I was vegetarian, that transitioned into vegan, that transitioned into getting really sick and malnourished. I did the vegan thing poorly. I was more of a frenchfry-ivore than a vegan. I want to eat less animal products for a variety of reasons. 1.) I care about animals and the horrible state of the meat and dairy industries in this country are appalling; I don’t want to encourage this behavior. 2.) I care about the environment and want to make a less negative impact on my world. These industries make their mark known on our environment and not in a good way. 3.) When I’m eating less animal products I usually feel better. Lighter. Healthier. Happier. I’m not going full veg in either form again (at this point in my life) and I’m okay with that. I’m very much an all-or-nothing kind of person but I was watching Vegucated recently and it helped me see a different side. Any reduction of animal products helps in all of those arenas. So that’s my plan. Less animals. More vegetables.

2013 Resolution 2: Conquer my sugar addiction. I haven’t really developed a plan of action for this one yet but I’ve got all year AMIRITE?!

2013 Resolution 3: Get the hell out of Dodge. Or Northern Virginia. David and I are already working on putting this plan into action and I’m excited about our future once we get north. Even if that means I’ll have to get a real winter coat and not a fashionable one (sigh).


Suffice it to say I’m excited about 2013. I’m making moves! How did your 2012 resolutions go? Do you have any for 2013? Or are you an anti-resolutioner? I know that statistics say that something like 479% of people renege on their new year’s resolutions but they always seem to help me get myself on track. I guess I’m kind of lame like that, following through on new year’s resolutions like some sort of new year goody two shoes or something…


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